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• Developing Talent»

Periodised programming for the future elite in football at Bromma Pojkarna


• Train Smart at Home »

Katarina Woxnerud and Glenn Bilby release a new home training DVD


• Business development»

Running Sweden takes runners to new strides.


• Business development»

Redcord reinvents its international strategy to health, fitness and sport markets.



Prima Consulting delivers effective and sustainable strategies to success in the health and fitness industry. Individuals and organisations can sharpen their pencils with Prima Consulting.




Prima Consulting is based in Stockholm, Sweden and is run by Australian health & fitness entrepreneur Glenn Bilby. 


Glenn has worked internationally with health and fitness for over 25 years. He has an extensive CV with a range of business development successes such as the Healthy Backs program in Hampshire (England), SwissRe Life & Health Insurance (London) and more recently taking the health and fitness device company Redcord (Norway) to profitability in 2011. Glenn has a Masters in Business and Administration, and draws upon his research and practical background in Physiotherapy and Sport Science to find ways to improve people, products and businesses.



e-mail:    tel: +46 733 44 5695    BG: 690219-8719    VAT-nr: SE690219871901 



Watch these videos:



- Trailer for the Essential Core using Suspension Exercise DVD


Professional therapists and training experts show you how to train your body 'smart' in order to be pain free and enjoy life to the fullest.


- Adding Value to Personal Training through Functional Execises


Physio and training expert Glenn Bilby makes a presentation at 'Talking Fitness' in Australia.